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About Us


ONE IF BY LAND, TWO IF BY SEA….the lighting of the famed lanterns in the Old North Church. ; Where the story of America began, in Boston’s historic North End. ; So began the story of the Newstamp Lighting Corp., founded in that very same neighborhood in 1939. ; It was then that Newstamp Lighting elevated lantern making into the fine art it is today, forever committed to the production and preservation of the highest quality lighting designs.

Today, after 64 years, Newstamp Lighting Corp. still strives to produce the finest reproductions and custom lighting fixtures. ; All fixtures are UL labeled. Architects, decorators, and design firms began to partake of their unparalleled workmanship. ; Then, proximity to another scene in history—the building of the Mystic River Bridge, compelled a company move to Hyde Park, a nearby Boston suburb where we resided in great success for 12 years.

Once again, fate intervened in the form of Route 95 highway construction bringing about the final move that brought Newstamp Lighting Corp. where they are today. North Easton, Massachusetts is a New England town 23 miles south of Boston, easily accessible from all major roads and highways. We built a new showroom next to our factory making available to our customers a complete line of lighting services including lamp shades, lamp fixture repair work, plus an even bigger, brighter [INVALID]ion of fine quality floor and table lamps and fixtures.

We compiled a new mail order catalog to provide our customers with the convenience of shopping by mail, never once swerving from the same commitment to quality and fine workmanship practiced since our company’s inception.

Then, in 1976 the year of our country’s 200th anniversary, Newstamp Lighting Corp’s capabilities shown truly glorious. ; We received the honor of being chosen by the Limited Edition Collectors Society to reproduce the replica of the Paul Revere Old North Church Lantern; the very same lantern that was designated an official commemorative of the United States Bicentennial Commission.

Our achievements continued. ; In 1997, we received awards by the Illumination Society of North America, New England Division, awards for restoration of fixtures at Sayles Hall, Brown University, Providence, RI, manufacturing of a new fixture for the Ether Dome at MA General Hospital, Boston, MA, and for manufacturing new pendant fixtures and wall sconces for Ware Hall, Middlesex School, Concord, MA. ; Each project was performed with the participation of renowned architectural and lighting design firms.

In 2014, we were honored to be the restoration lighting contractor for Parish of All Saints, Dorchester, MA, which was also an award winning project, as well as working with Consigli Construction on the MA State House Executive Suite and West Wing Improvements Project of the Restoration of 9 fixtures and 1 crystal chandelier.

In 2015, Newstamp restored and custom manufactured fixtures for Cary Memorial Historic Preservation Society, at Cary Memorial Hall, and finished the completion of Boston College – St. Mary’s Hall Restoration of 23 fixtures and Custom Reproductions to match existing with custom glass. Newstamp continued partnering with Wayne G Griffin Electric on numerous municipal and state projects…Salem Probate Court-Salem, MA, historical restoration job, Greenfield Trial Court Historic Restoration, Greenfield, MA, Dedham Town Hall & Senior Center, Dedham, MA, and Newton Fire Station, Newton, MA.

A past, present and future interwoven with history…this is the story of Newstamp Lighting Corp. ; Producers of distinctive designs that speak of American’s rich heritage. Each and every loyal employee making a valuable contribution to our success over the years.

We look forward to meeting you whether in our showroom or through our catalog or e-mail requests. We invite you to share with us our fine tradition of quality lighting