Restoration Portfolio

Restoration Portfolio

   Project: Parish of All Saints, Dorchester, MA

             Existing chandeliers cleaned and rewired.

             Completion Date: 10/20/14

Nave as Restored

St. Stephen’s Chapel

Lady’s Chapel


Sts. Anargyroi Greek Orthodox Church

9 Central Street

Marlboro, MA

Project: Custom Crystal chandelier 48” diameter x 60” high

12 Side chandeliers cleaned on site

Project completed: 7/15/14



Project: African Meeting House Restoration

             Restoration of existing indoor and outdoor fixtures.

             Manufacture custom fixtures to match existing.

             Completion date: June/2011



Wall Sconce




Project: Essex Town Hall – Chandelier & sconce restoration

             Clean, rewire & polish chandelier and sconces

             Project Completed: 2/02/17




Project: Lynn Public Library

             Repair 2 decorative light poles at front entrance

             Clean and repair poles

             Install custom luminaires

 Project Completed March 2017







Project: Boston College – St. Mary’s Hall

             Clean, refinish & rewire 23 existing fixtures

             Custom reproduce new fixtures to match existing; custom fabricate glass

             Project completed; 12/4/14





Project: Providence College Great Room Lighting

             8 Custom Pendant fixtures, 48”High x 12” Wide             







Provincetown Town Hall Restoration

             Auditorium Historic Replica Lighting

             1 Custom Brass Chandelier based on photo of 1880’s era original fixture.

             23 Solid Brass Sconces


Original Chandelier Circa 1880





Wall Sconce


Cary Memorial, Lexington, MA

Historical Restoration

Completed: December 2014


HPF Memorial Lobby Fixture


HPC Lobby Fixture

Wall Sconce


Entry Foyer


Greenfield Trial Court

Fixture Restoration – Inside and Out

Date Completed: November/2016


Hickey Mount Surface Dome light –  14″ diameter


Hickey Mount Pendant Fixture

w/14″ Chain & brass tassel medallion



Hickey Mount Pendant           Hickey Mount Pendant               Hickey Mount Pendant Fixture

Fixture  w/25″ Chain            Fixture w/flying saucer trim

Large Outdoor wall Sconce


                                                                        Large Outdoor wall Sconce

  Hanging Outdoor Lantern


7Ft Copper Pole Light

w/boxed base



Shepard Bldg. Providence, RI                                                                           Harvard University-Widener Library



Baltusrol Golf Club

Springfield, NJ  

Custom Fixtures




Massachusetts State House

Senate Chamber Chandelier Restoration






Wall Sconce


Brown University

Sayles Hall

Fixture Restoration





Dourdan Park Development

Birmingham, MI

Gas Lanterns