Architects and Designers

When New Stamp Lighting Corp. and Architects work together, you can expect masterpieces in every project.

NSL Offer

  • Schematics

  • 3D Drawings

  • Auto CAD Drawings

  • Layout Plans

  • Commission on every purchase

Step 1: Receive an NSL Brochure
Our brochure highlights all the details about our lighting portfolio. You can browse through it and select the lighting required for your project. Contact us to receive it at the earliest.
Step 2: Select the Preferred Lighting Options for your Project
we offer a plethora of lighting fixtures that you can select from. We believe right lighting can enhance a project aesthetically and turn it into a marvel.
Step 3: Request for technical drawings & plans
To help you better visualise and evaluate the suitability of our fixtures and lighting for your project, we provide 3D Drawings, Auto CAD Drawings and layout plans for all on request.
Step 4: Order with Newstamp Lighting Corp.
At NSL our skilled craftsmen work hard to create exquisite fixtures based on your specifications. We believe in working hand in hand to ensure adherence to specifications and quality.
Step 5: Receive a 10% Commission on every purchase
Our products and services complement each other! We value our relation and intend for it to last a lifetime. Hence NSL offers a 10% commission on every purchase made.


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